2010-07-05 - Polarnacht

Our new CD is finished and may impose a service charge of 10 Euros to be ordered. We are currently planning the CD release party. Read the review. Click for more informations.

2010-03-20 - Live at the Kunstverein Nürnberg

Line-Up: Border of Insanity, ForEveryEvil, Daargesin, Moridigan, Schistosoma
Beginning: 7:00 pm 

2010-02-04 - New CD in preparation

The writting for the new album is so far final. Now still the song selection follows. In spring we start the recording for the new album.  (title " Die schwarze Nacht") 

April 2009 - New drummer

The search has an end. Again Daargesin is complete. We will present our new drummer in a few week on the next live-gig. 

More update-informations in a few days.    

January 2008 - Clubhouse-Party

We support the "The MC Wolfmen clubhouse-party - Daargesin meets Wolfmen" on 2008-01-11 - For further informations click here.

Thanks for your support. It was a pleasure to us to "rock" you

July 2007 - Thank you

Thank you for your support at the power station concert.

April 2007 - Confirmed concert

At 07-07-14 we play as a co-headliner at the Franconia II power station.

For further informations click here.

March 2007 - New concerts in conversion

Planning some new concerts, among other things in Herzogenaurach -
dates are not certain

2007-01-22 - Homepage

Our new homepage is online

2006-12-15 - Daargesin on air on Rockin' Radio

We are 'on Air' from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Rockin' Radio.

The frequencies and more info under

2006-12-08. to 23. - Chile-Frankonia Metal Assault

Together wit Hetroertzen from Chile ( and Mechanix from Nuremberg (Germany) (

2006-12-08 - Rockclub "Backstage" in Weikersheim (

2006-12-22 - "Blaue Traube" in Haundorf near Erlangen


2005-09-17 - New Force - Concert-Reviews -

Review on Metalglory

Review at HardHarderHeavy


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