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Martyrium from Malta are playing Great(!) Black Metal. The first concert with Daargesin took place at the New Force Erlangen, 2005/09/17. Martyrium simply kick ass! Check it out!
Real straight-into-the-face melodic Death Metal from Coburg, Frankonia. Sounds a bit like Dissection, doesn't it?
Delicate News play technicallly versatile straight forward Frankonian Metal. We are good friends for a long time, played some gigs together and are waiting for additional 'Kick-Ass-Metal-Meetings'!
Fortress of Insanity is the second band of our former drummer Daniel. Fortress stands for Melodic Death Metal. Dark songs with melancholic parts but also some Thrash influence, supported by melodic keyboards. Fortress are great friends of Daargesin and we are looking forward to ass-kicking gigs with them.
Souldemise are old friends, playing great Thrash stuff. Check it out!
Powerful Thrash Metal from Frankonia. Sorrogate are good friends and have played some Gigs with us. We are sure that there will be more Daargesin/Sorrogate gigs in the future.
Hirschleder is a well-known frankonian Cover Metal Band. Amongst others, their play list includes songs from Warlock, Motörhead, Slayer, Napalm Death and Six Feet Under. Great stuff!
Solid Thrash Metal from Nuremberg.
One of the best Cover Metal bands from good old Frankonia. This rocks!
Real good Power/Speed/Thrash Metal. Maybe you'll be able to listen to Reflections and Daargesin at the same time some day.
Solid Thrash.
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